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Because together we improve health.

HC Clover PS, founded in 2008, is a Spanish pharmaceutical laboratory with 100% private capital, CDMO type (Contract Manufacturing and Development Organization) that acts as a key partner for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry

Aplicaps by Clover has been the HC Clover PS’ soft gelatin capsule development and manufacturing line through which the laboratory has produced softgel capsules for food supplements, pharmaceuticals, nutricosmetics and veterinary products.

In 2018, HC Clover PS acquired Laboratorios Gramar, a company whose social objective was the development and manufacturing for third-party companies of nutraceutical products in different pharmaceutical forms in addition to primary and secondary packaging. HC Clover PS has joined forces with this company, adapting its strategy, techniques, management and commercial philosophy.

As a result of years of experience and a long career in the pharmaceutical sector, HC Clover PS, together with Aplicaps and Gramar Laboratories, became Cloverty, which was born from the very essence of the company, putting in value everything built up to now, but at the same time it has established itself as a global brand, solid, dynamic and with character.

Cloverty manufactures solutions for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and veterinary markets specialised in soft gelatin capsule, a pharmaceutical form that enables the design of nutraceutical products, and is the technological base of the pharmaceutical products development of the company. In addition, we develop products in different pharmaceutical forms (hard gelatin capsules, sachets, sticks, glass and plastic ampoules, cans, jars and vials), for powder products, as well as liquid and gel, and also develop primary and secondary packaging.


Cloverty’s value as a CDMO activates its role as a trusted strategic partner through a model based on some main pillars:


In the development of soft gelatin capsules and other pharmaceutical forms

Agility and flexibility

In providing answers and solutions that adapt to the needs of our clients

A strong focus on knowledge, innovation and technology

As a fundamental guarantee of quality, scientific basis and continuous improvement.

The competitive advantage is the soft gelatin capsule, which is the heart of Cloverty, although we also make other pharmaceutical forms as a complementary service to all customers.

Four brand values reflect our DNA and fulfill the purpose of continuous improvement:


A brand committed to always giving its best to each client and with each solution. A brand that is responsible for the business, its employees and society.


A brand that knows, understands, cares and adapts to the needs of its customers, through proximity and the human factor that characterizes them.


A brand that translates its experience, ingenuity and knowledge into action, turning challenges into solutions and opportunities into reality.


An agile brand, with energy and in continuous movement. That is not satisfied and always seeks to innovate and to give the best, focused on promoting and strengthening each product and each relationship.

Logo Clover do Brasil3

Cloverty is present in 45 countries and has two production plants in Madrid, (Spain) and also one in Brazil to serve the market and be able to give customers a closer treatment.

Through the union of Cloverty and the brazilian PIC Química, Clover do Brasil arises, a company focused on providing the highest quality services in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplementation sector.

Our value is innovation, which has become the DNA of the company, which has its focus on quality.


The principle of quality as one of our priorities extends to all employees of the company. Consequently, our Managing Director plays an active role in quality management, to ensure compliance with all regulatory standards in the organization.

We have established a Quality System based on continuous improvement and the implementation of new technologies every year. This allows us to formulate and manufacture high quality products.

Our quality certifications:

  • GMP certification. ES/095HVI/15.
  • FDA registration number: 460391370
  • Authorisation for the manufacture and packaging of medicines for human use. Nº 6489E.
  • Authorisation to manufacture drugs for human use for research. Nº 6489E.
  • Authorisation to manufacture food supplements for human use in soft gelatin capsules. Nº 26.10644/M.
  • Authorisation of manufacture of food supplements for veterinary use in soft gelatin capsule. ESP-28000384.
  • Manufacturing authorisation and labeling of organic food supplements.MA0547/E.
  • Halal certification available per product. HC/APL-PE-L17/017. Check the availability of Kosher products.

Discover the quality of our work


Every year, we invest in transversal Innovation Programs, which allow us to:

  • The continuous improvement of our services.
  • Offer the best quality and differentiated products.

In recognition of our innovative activity, Cloverty has obtained the Innovative SME seal granted by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

International presence

Cloverty is currently present in +45 countries across 4 continents.

This global vision has led us to acquire extensive international experience in Quality Control, Regulation and formulation adapted to each market, hand in hand with different types of partners: pharmaceutical laboratories, dietary laboratories, veterinary laboratories and herbalists.