"Cloverty" carries out the full medicinal product manufacturing cycle suited to the needs of its clients: pharmaceutical development, Module III compilation, manufacturing and drug master files.
"Cloverty" covers a wide variety of therapeutic areas with a broad range of products containing vitamins, minerals, herbal products or other natural components that improve health and increase the wellbeing of its customers.
Special Products
"Cloverty" offers product lines to its customers, with special formulations based on patented, innovating ingredients, supported by clinical evidence, in accordance with their intended use.
In addition to the new ingredients, its product designs offer all the advantages of soft gelatin capsules.
Nutri Cosmetics
"Cloverty" manufactures products for internal and external care: single-use twist-off capsules containing essential oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and other components of benefit to health that hydrate, provide in-depth nurturing and prevent premature aging.


Cloverty has developed products that offers its customers to be commercialized. Some of them are: Prenausa and Pylobay

Prenausa is a safe alternative to conventional drugs to prevent pregnancy nausea. Its principal ingredient is Gingerols, obtained from the vegetal specie Zingiber Officinale.

Pylobay is the result of years of research to create an alternative to conventional antibiotics to help control Helicobacter pylori infection. Its main ingredient is Pylopass.

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