Cloverty is committed to education and social equality. For this reason, and together with the NGO Carumanda, it carries out different projects aimed at promoting social justice through education. Since the start of its activities, it has financed a number of projects in India and Spain with the aim of improving the quality of life of many families and of creating employment opportunities.


“Vanguru Educational Support Center”

Helps over 500 families, with payment of salaries, covering the cost of materials and care.

Madurai Educational Support Center

Helps 800 families, with payment of salaries of teachers, covering the cost of electricity and transport, materials and care.

School help for garbage dump children

Helps 100 families, with salaries and materials

Primary school reconstruction

Helps 400 families, with the demolition and construction of the center.


Smart use of heating resources

Modification of the diesel oil facility, covering the heating expenses over the following years. Helps over 315 pupils and 33 teachers