“Cloverty” starts its work process with an idea that may come from the customer, from the company, or from both the company and its customers.

Its highly qualified personnel validates and starts the entire process in order to materialize the idea and make the project both a success and a source of satisfaction for its customers.


Based on the latest advances in pharmaceutical technology, the company materializes the idea generated during the R&D&i phase, within an optimum setting for the manufacture of top quality capsules. Its production facilities can manufacture over 1.5 billion capsules a year, and are equipped with blistering and automatic packing machines that allow it to offer a completely finished product.

Regulatory affairs

On carrying out the project, the company complies with the current legislation associated with the product at all times, always taking into consideration the different regulations that regulate each of the product lines manufactured by “Cloverty”. Therefore, it can guarantee full legal validity of the product delivered to the customer.

Commercial Assistance

In order to ensure a full and top-quality service, the entire sales team of “Cloverty” is at the disposal of the customer, which iscomposed of qualified professionals of great talent, who will help our customerswork on the sales strategy and promotion of the product in the sector.

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