The pharmaceutical company HC Clover, aplicaps by clover, received the visit of the Minister for Investments of the Republic of Macedonia. The company, given the stable and continued growth of the pharmaceutical markets in the area of ​​Eastern Europe and the Balkans, where very good business prospects for the coming years are expected, has invested a few months in conducting prospecting visits to the area, since it intends to seek partnerships with local companies. This would allow aplicaps by Clover to continue with its aggressive 2016 plan to develop new markets.

The Republic of Macedonia, is a Central European country of great geo-strategic importance, being a privileged point of access to the Mediterranean, Asia and Eastern Europe, markets that are within less than 5 hours by land transport and allow access without any customs tax to a market of over 120 million people. In addition to its ease of access to different seaports, Macedonia has a very young and highly skilled population where 97% of school graduates attend college. This represents a great value in human capital.

After a visit to the premises of the company, the minister stressed the high level of technology in the soft gelatin recycling plant and the high potential of the factory, thus demonstrating the desire of his government to cooperate in helping close agreements between companies from both countries. This way Macedonia will benefit from the contribution of technology and capital from Clover and aplicaps by Clover can get quality human capital and take advantage of the excellent investment opportunities offered.

With this visit, aplicaps by clover continues its global expansion, being already present in more than 20 countries in 3 different continents.